The Hunger

The Hunger starts with the vampire Miriam Blaylock and his vampire lover John attending an event in Bauhaus. There, they meet a young couple whom they lure to their home before killing them and drinking their blood.

A few hundred years after he becomes a vampire, John starts aging rapidly. He learns that Miriam has hidden from him the fact that blood can grant him eternal but is not able to preserve his youthfulness. John then goes to Dr. Sarah Roberts for help. Roberts does not think that there is really nothing wrong with John. When John hears about what the doctor has to say, he leaves her office in a fit of rage. Sarah observes the changes that is happening to John’s body and these change her mind about the matter. Meanwhile, Roberts’ boyfriend, Tom, expresses his disapproval with Sarah’s intent of helping John.

Sarah seeks John but finds Miriam in their house instead. Miriam feels a certain attraction for Sarah and she seduces her. Miriam gives Sarah some of her blood and tries to convince her to become a vampire. However, Sarah abhors the fact that vampires must drink the blood of humans in order to live.

When Sarah comes back, her boyfriend tries to confront her about the long hours that she’s been gone. However, Sarah makes no effort to defend herself. Sensing that there’s something wrong with Sarah, Tom orders a lab test on Sarah’s blood. The results show that Sarah is suffering from some kind of infection. When she learns about this, Sarah goes back to Miriam and asks her about her condition. Miriam on the other hand, persuades Sarah to let the matter pass and take her rest in the guest room.

Tom comes to Miriam’s home and demands to be taken to Sarah. As Tom accompanies her, Sarah gives in to her blood thirst and kills her boyfriend. She goes to Miriam who reassures her that everything will be alright. The two women kiss and Sarah suddenly pierces her own throat and tries to force Miriam to drink her blood thinking that the infection in her blood will work on Miriam. Miriam places Sarah’s body among the bodies of her former lovers. Yet, it is not long after before the bodies start coming back to life and converge on Miriam. Miriam retreats to the balcony where she eventually falls over the edge. Miriam’s body starts aging as the mummies crumble to dust.

The movie ends with Sarah starting a new life in her new home in London while in another room, Miriam screams for Sarah as she lies trapped inside a coffin.