When Bella Swan relocates to Forks with her father Charlie, she becomes fascinated with the Cullens who go to the same high school as her. Bella becomes more curious after Edward Cullen saves her from a rushing van which Edward stops with what seems to be an unimaginable strength. Moreover, Edward tries to dissuade her from being friends with him.

Her investigation leads to her realization that Edward is a vampire. Edward admits to the fact and it is not long before the two start falling in love with each other. Edward introduces Bella to his family which includes Edward’s father, Carlisle Cullen who poses as a doctor in the neighborhood, and Esme, Carlisle’s wife. Bella also meets the couple’s other adopted children, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett.

One time, Bella and the Cullens encounter the nomadic vampires James, Victoria, and Laurent. James eventually hunts down Bella who is protected by Edward as well as his family. The vampire tricks Bella to come out of hiding and he infects her with his blood. Edward comes to rescue Bella and commences a battle with James. Edward’s family also come and end James’ life while Edward saves Bella by sucking out the poisoned blood from her. The movie ends with the couple attending the high school prom while the vampire Victoria watches them from the shadows.

I Am Legend

I Am Legend is set in 2012, a time when an experiment on genetically-modified measles virus goes awry and causes a staggering number of deaths and mutations of the survivors into creatures called the Darkseekers beings unable to withstand sunlight or any form of UV rays. Three years pass by and only the US army virologist Robert Neville is left roaming the vicinities of New York City.

With the now ruined city, Neville research on a possible cure for the virus. From time to time, he visits Manhattan to pick up supplies and checks the radio for response for his audio broadcasts. Together with his dog, Sam, Neville spends his nights in home which he has turned into a fortress and hunts for animals while evading the Darkseekers.

As Nevill makes progress in his research, he catches a female Darkseeker intending to use her for his experiments. His first attempt in treating the captured Darkseeker ultimately fails. One time, Neville and Sam are attacked by virus-infected dogs. Sam gets injured and Neville has no choice but to kill the dog when it shows the first signs of infection. Afterwards, he engages in a battle with a group of Darkseekers where a two survivors come to help him. It turns that Ethan and Anna have heard about his radio broadcasta and have decided to follow him in New York. The pair inform Neville about a survivors’ camp in Bethel, Vermont. However, Neville refuses to believe about the existence of the survivors’ camp.

While Neville is in the middle of administering another experimental cure on his captured Darkseeker, a group of Darkseekers attack his laboratory. Together with Anna and Ethan, Neville lock themselves inside. Neville then finds out that he has finally succeeded in formulating the cure. Before the place is run over by the Darkseekers, Neville extracts blood from the cured Darkseeker and hands it over to Ethan and Anna. He leads them to a chute that will lead them outside. To let Ethan and Anna get away safely, Neville detonates a grenade inside the laboratory, taking the rest of the Darkseekers along with him. The movie ends with Ethan and Anna actually making it to the survivors’ camp in Vermont.

Dracula: Prince of Darkness


Dracula: Prince of Darkness starts with a recap of Van Helsing’s success in defeating Dracula.

The next scene shows Father Sandor protesting the burial of a dead woman. The ruling priest argues with Father Sandor, claiming that vampirism has already ended years ago. Sandor leaves and ends up in an inn where he meets the Kents. Sandor warns the family about going to Karlsbad but the Kents pay him no heed.

When the Kents reach Karlbad, their coach driver leaves them in plain view of a castle. They are met by carriage that takes them to the castle. Inside the building, the family find a dinner table already set for them as well as room where their things are already placed. The Kents also meet the servant Klove who informs them that the castle is always open to strangers as commanded by his master, Count Dracula.

After the Kents have gone to their respective rooms, Alan goes out and sees Klove going to the crypt. Alan comes after and gets killed once by Klove once inside. Klove drains his blood and pours it on Dracula’s ashes. Count Dracula comes to life and he takes Helen as his first victim.

The next day, Charles and Diana can’t find anyone inside the castle. They go out and try to search for Helen and Alan. Charles eventually ends up in the crypt and discovers Alan’s corpse. Meanwhile, Diana encounters the now turned Helen who tries to attack Diana but is reprimanded by Count Dracula. Charles confronts the count and Diana discovers the effect of the crucifix on the vampire. Charles makes an improvised cross and uses on Count Dracula. Charles and Diana then escape but their carriage meets an accident where Diana is rendered unconscious. Charles walks through the woods while carrying Diana and they eventually meet Father Sandor who immediately helps them.

In the abbey, Klove brings the coffins that hold Dracula and Helen. One of the patient in the abbey invites the vampire while Helen persuades Diana to open a window for her. Helen bites Diana but the count intervenes. Charles comes in and fights off the vampires. Sandor also helps by sanitizing Diana’s wound.

To prevent the vampires from going back inside their coffins, the priest places silver crucifixes on the caskets. He then kills Helen with a stake while Diana falls victim to the count’s hypnosis. While in trance, Count Dracula instructs Diana to remove the crucifix from the casket and forces her to drink his blood. Charles tries to save Diana but the count escapes the abbey with her.

Charles and Sandor go after the Dracula’s wagon. They save Diana and while the vampire’s coffin falls on an icy trench. When Charles tries to permanently end Count Dracula’s life, the vampire suddenly bursts out from the coffin and makes an attack. Diana and Sandor then shoots the ice-covered ditch. The ice breaks and Count Dracula goes down the freezing waters.

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire starts with the conversation of a reporter named Daniel Molloy and Louis de Pointe du Lac, who tells the reporter that he is a vampire.

Louis’ story starts when the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt turned him into a vampire in 1791.Lestat has also become Louis’ teacher regarding the ways of living as a vampire. Louis admits that he initially abhorred drinking blood from human so he resorted to killing animals instead. However, his thirst for blood won over his principle and he ended up killing his house slave. Because of guilt, Louis tried to burn his house with him inside but Lestat came to his aid.

In New Orleans during the year 1791, Louis grew fond of an orphan named Claudia whom Lestat later turned into a vampire. Since she had become a vampire, Claudia’s physical appearance but her mind became more developed. She was close to the two men but had come hate Lestat when she learned that she could never physically grow old. Claudia tried to kill Lestat and Louis threw his body on a swamp. However, Lestat managed to survived and tried to take revenge on them. Louis then set Lestat on fire and went to Paris, bringing Claudia along.

In 1870, Louis and Claudia met the vampires Santiago and Armand in Paris. As the vampires became more acquainted, Claudia suspected that Louis would try to dump her for Armand. Then Claudia forced Louis to transform a woman into a vampire and who would serve as her new confidant. Afterwards, vampires seeking revenge for Lestat came after them. Louis was placed in a metal coffin. Armand came to his rescue but he failed to save Claudia and the new vampire. Louis sought revenge by burning the vampires who did them wrong and also killing Santiago. Armand tried to convince Louis to come with him but the latter refused, knowing that Armand was the one behind his companions’ death.

In 1988, Louis ran into Lestat again but he refused his creator’s offer to accompany him again.

Louis ends the interview at this point. Meanwhile, Molloy expresses his desire to experience what Louis has gone through and pleads to Louis to turn him into a vampire. Louis gets mad with Molloy’s proposal and due to his disappointment, throws off the man with his unimaginable strength. When Molloy looks around, Louis is nowhere to be seen. The reporter gets on his car and plays the cassette tape of his interview with the vampire. At that moment, Lestat hijacks his car and drinks his blood. The movie ends with the car continuing on its journey and Lestat readying himself to offer Molloy the life of a vampire.