Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars Buffy Summers, a typical cheerleader attending Hemery High School in Los Angeles with her friend and boyfriend, Jeffrey. One day, a man named Merrick informs Buffy that she is The Slayer or Chosen one and it is her job to destroy vampires. Merrick, as a Watcher, wills serve as her guide and trainer. After her meeting with Merrick, Buffy discovers her hidden abilities.

Meanwhile, some students from the high school encounter vampires and even some are turned or used as sacrifice. Buffy and Merrick also battle the assistant of the vampire king, Lothos. Because of this, Lothos learns about Buffy’s true identity.

When Buffy comes after a vampire who poses as a basketball player, the chase leads her to Lothos. Lothos tries to manipulate Buffy but Merrick comes to her rescue. Lothos kills Merrick and Buffy can do nothing but to hear out his last piece of advice to her. Merrick’s death causes Buffy to abandon her job as the slayer and try to get back to her normal life as a student and cheerleader.

During the school dance, Lothos attacks with all his cohorts. Buffy and her colleague Oliver fight off the vampire. Eventually, Buffy confronts Lothos again. The vampire king tries to subject her again under his hypnosis but Buffy manages to kill him in the end.

The movie ends with Buffy and Oliver leaving the scene as reporters arrive to interview those who have survived the zombie attack.


Vampires starts with a group of vampire hunters led by Jack Crow and commissioned by the Vatican attacking a group of vampires hiding out in an abandoned house. However, the group falls victim on the hands of the head vampire, Valek. The only survivors are Jack Crow, Tony Montoya, and Katrina who suffers from a bite made by Valek.

Crow reconciles with his superior Cardinal Alba who commands him to take along Father Adam Guiteau. During their journey, Crow shares his past experience with pries including the fact that his family has been killed by vampires. Guiteau, in return, tells Valek’s real mission. It turns outs that the vampire was a former priest who intends to acquire the Black Cross of Berziers. From Katrina, the group learns about the vampire’s current whereabouts. They try to come after the vampires but Cardinal Alba betrays them. He takes Crow hostage while Katrina, completely turns into a vampire and kills Montoya eventually. Cardinal Alba then starts a ritual that will render the vampires invincible to the power of sunlight. Before the ritual can be completed, Guiteau gets rid of Cardinal Alba. The priest retrieves Crow and Crow resumes pursuing Valek. He finishes off the vampire king by staking him with the Berziers cross.

The movie ends with the two men deciding to continue their quest on hunting vampires.


Underworld is set in a world where vampires and ancient species of werewolf, Lycans, are in the middle of war against each other. Selene, as a Death Dealer, kills Lycans as her duty. Legend has it that the vampires have conquered the Lycans before and have even finished off their leader, Lucian. When Selene follows two Lycans to their hideout, she discovers that the Lycans have invented a kind of bullet that can kill vampires.

Selene relays the said information to her fellow vampires but their regent Kraven, disapproves making an attack on the vampires. Her investigation of the Lycans leads Selene to the scientist named Singe, who is hellbent on finding a pure-blooded descendant of the Corvinus family. Selene searches for Michael but as soon as she finds him, the Lycans led by Lucian start attacking them. The two manage to escape but not after Lucian bites Michael.

Selene suspects that there is some kind of conspiracy regarding Lucian’s supposed death and Kraven may know something about it. She seeks the help of the ancient vampire Viktor who detests being woken up from his slumber at such an early time. instead of hearing her out, Viktor commands Selene to just mind her own duties. Meanwhile, Kraven concocts up some plan to eradicate the elder vampire Amelia.

Afterwards, Selene tells Michael everything she knows about the war between the vampires and the Lycans. She also decides to tie him to prevent him from killing people when he transforms into a Lycan. Then, Selene catches Singe while Michael ends up on the Lycans’ hands. Selene brings Singe in front of Viktor to tell him about the Lycans’ plans to merge the Corvinus blood with the Lycans’ own. It also turns out that Kraven has been conspiring with Lucian and he is now on the run after the news regarding Amelia’s death in his hands start spreading around. Viktor then decides that Michael must die and entrusts the task of killing him to Selene.

As he falls hostage to the Lycans, Michael learns that Viktor ordered Lucian’s death when he learned that the Lycan had impregnated her daughter.

Selene comes with her fellow Death Dealers set on eradicating the Lycans and Kraven. Kraven shoots Lucian and Michael with the vampires’ newly developed bullets. Afterwards, Kraven reveales to Selene that Viktor is the one responsible for the death of her family. The now wounded Lucian then inflicts a wound on Kraven’s leg. He also convinces Selene to bite Michael and share her blood with him. Selene follows his orders while Kraven proceeds on killing Lucian. At that moment, Kraven escapes and Viktor comes in and admits his role in the death of Selene’s family and her transformation into a vampire. Viktor also tries to justifies his actions against his daughter and his intent to kill Michael. Michael fully transforms into a hybrid of vampires and Lycans and finishes off Viktor together with Selene.

The movie ends with Michael and Selene going away together as they become newest enemies of both vampires and Lycans.

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Nosferatu the Vampyre starts when Jonathan Harker is tasked by his employer, Renfield, to meet up with a client named Count Dracula regarding a possible purchase of a property. Harker travels to Transylvania and when he stops by a village on the way, the townspeople tell him that it is best for him if he does not go to the count’s castle. Despite the people’s warnings, Harker continues his journey.

Harker arrives at the count’s castle and meets the strange-looking Dracula. The count becomes mesmerized with a photo of Harker’s wife, Lucy. He also seals the deal with Harker and buys a property in Wismar. As Harker continues his stay in the castle, he and his wife are plagued by nightmares and disturbing visions. One day, Harker discovers the count’s true identity as a vampire. He tries to escape the castle but ends up instead in an asylum where he constantly babbles about coffins.

Afterwards, Dracula gets aboard boat heading for Wismar. During the journey, he feeds on the vessel’s crew. Before the boat hit the docks, its entire crew die in the hands of Dracula. To cover up his crime, the count arranges the scene to make it look like that crew has been hit by the plague. When the boat arrives in Wismar, a group of doctors headed by Abraham Van Helsing searches for clues that can tell them what has really transpired inside the boat. Soon, the plague also spreads all over town. Harker also reconciles with his wife but he seems to indifferent in the presence of Lucy. The Dracula eventually comes to Lucy and tries to seduce her. Lucy disregards his offer and realizes that the plague is related to the arrival of the count. However, the townspeople do not seem to believe her. To get rid of Dracula, Lucy decides to take the matter in her own hands. She seduces the vampire to drink her blood just before the sun rises. It is too late when Dracula realizes what she has done and the vampire dies as soon as the sunlight hits his body. Unfortunately, Lucy dies along with the vampire.

Van Helsing arrives and discovers the corpses of Lucy and Dracula. To ensure that the count stays dead, Van Helsing stakes the heart of Dracula. The movie ends with Harker’s complete transformation into a vampire and his preparation for Van Helsing’s arrest.

Dracula (1931)

Dracula (1931) starts with the solicitor Renfield’s journey to Transylvania to do some business with Count Dracula. When he arrives, people from the local village advise Renfield to not go to the count’s castle as much as possible. REnfield proceeds to the Borgo Pass where unbeknownst to him, Count Dracula is posing as the carriage driver.

When Renfield arrives at the castle, the count meets him and they start discussing Dracula’s plans to travel to Carfax Abbey, London. It is not long after Renfield falls into a trance induced by the count. At that moment, the count’s wives come out and are about to attack Renfield when the count intervenes and close in Renfield himself.

Renfield wakes up and finds himself aboard the schooner Vesta where the Dracula also rides and feeds on the vessel’s crew. When Vesta docks on England, Renfield is the only one left among the vessel’s passengers. As a result, he ends up in the sanatorium besides Carfax Abbey under Dr. Seward’s orders.

In London, Dracula encounters Dr. Seward and also meets his daughter, Mina, her fiancé, John, and her friend Lucy. Before the night ends, the count feeds on Lucy which causes her death

Meanwhile, Professor Van Helsing observes Renfield and discovers some of his unusual practices. Renfield also tends to babbale about vampires. When Van Helsing presents to Renfield with a wolfsbane, the man seems to be appalled by the thing.

Afterwards, Dracula also tastes Mina’s blood. During his next visit, Van Helsing and John Harker realize that Dracula must really be a vampire.

The count makes another attack on Mina while news of a woman victimizing children in the park start spreading around. When Mina realizes that it is Lucy who lures the children, her fiancé decides that it is best for her if she is to stay in London. However, Van Helsing convinces Mina to stay with plans of using her against the count.

On other hand, Renfield runs away from the sanatorium and learns about their plan. Before he gets taken away again, the tells the men about what he knows about Dracula. Then Dracula arrives and warns Van Helsing about going against him. Van Helsing retaliates, saying that he will do everything to get rid of the vampire. Dracula then tries to put Van Helsing under his spell but he fails. Instead, the man brings out a crucifix which catches Dracula off guard.

Not long after, John Harker checks on his fiancé and to his surprise, Mina tries to attack. Fortunately, Van Helsing and Dr. Seward come to his rescue. Mina reveals that the count has bitten her and she tells John that it is better if they just end their relationship.

Dracula sneaks inside the Sewards’ residence again and takes Mina with him. Van Helsing and John Harker pursue the vampire, waiting for the time when the sun rises. At the end, the two men manage to kill the count and Mina returns to her normal self.


Nosferatu starts when Thomas Hutter is tasked by his boss, Knock to go to Transylvania and meet up with a client who calls himself Count Orlok. Hutter follows his orders and leaves his wife under the care of his good friend Harding. Along the way, Hutter makes a stop at an inn. The people there try to dissuade him from continuing with his journey but Hutter pays them no heed. Hutter eventually arrives at the count’s castle and meets Orlok. During the dinner, Hutter sustains wound in his finger which immediately causes Count Orlok to jump at him and start sucking the blood from his wound.

The next morning, Hutter wakes up with puncture wounds on his neck. When he meets with the count again, Hutter provides Count Orlok with the papers he needs to sign for a house that he is buying. The count’s erratic behavior causes Hutter to suspect that he may be what vampire books call as the Nosferatu or Bird of Death. That same night, Hutter braces himself as Count Orlok reveals his true identity. Hutter hides in a room and ends up lying unconscious on the floor. As the count haunts Hutter in his castle, Hutter’s wife undergoes a trance where she starts calling out her husband’s name. The next day, Hutter discovers the count overseeing the transfer of coffins in his stage coach. This frightens Hutter and the man tries to escape through one of the windows of the castle. However, he loses consciousness after the fall and he ends up in a hospital.

After his recovery, Hutter immediately heads home. Meanwhile, the count’s coffins are transported to a schooner. A crew accidentally opens one of the coffins in which rats start pouring out. The people on the boat start getting sick and dying. The last ones remaining that they should destroy the coffins to eradicate the plague but they wake up Count Orlok instead. The count kills the captain while the other crew jump into the waters. When the vessels docks, only the corpse of the captain is found inside. An investigation causes the authorities to conclude that there must be some plague that is currently spreading. Meanwhile, Count Orlok gets away from all the commotion and settles on the house that he has purchased from Hutter.

A number of people continue to die in the town. Hutter’s wife, who now knows about the vampire, decides to use herself in beating Count Orlok. She ditches her husband and waits for Count Orlok to strike. The vampire comes in and starts sucking her blood but Count Orlok does not notice the rising sun. He disappears in the dawn of morning and while Hutter’s wife dies in his arms.

The Omega Man

The Omega Man is set in 1975, a time when a biological warfare between China and Russia is costing the lives of millions of people around the world. Amidst all the incidents of the plague, the US Army scientist Col. Robert Neville, M.D. takes the chance to inject himself with a vaccine he is experimenting on. Because of this, Neville becomes equipped with immunity against the plague.

After two years, it seems that Neville is the only human left in the world. During the day, Neville goes around Los Angeles as he hunts the members of The Family, a cult hellbent on killing Neville and destructing any form of technology which they believe is the cause of humanity’s decline. Come night time, Neville encloses himself in a makeshift fortress in an empty apartment building.

One day, Neville glimpses a woman. He tries to run after her but she seems to just disappear.

Eventually, the cult catches Neville and condemns him to die. Before he can be burned at the stake, the woman he saw and another person comes to her rescue. He learns from Lisa and Dutch that there are survivors from the plague. Moreover, their offspring have proven to possess some resistance to the sickness even though they are still highly susceptible to mutation. With the newly found opportunity to save humanity, Neville offers his body to create a serum for the plague.

In Neville’s apartment, Neville and Lisa try to save Lisa’s brother. Before the night ends, the power goes out and the cult commences their attacks on the apartment. Neville barely manages to restart the generator and save Lisa from one of the cult members.

Neville succeeds in formulating a cure. When he treats Lisa’s brother, Richie, he suggests that they give to the members of the cult as well. Neville refuses and Richie decides to go the cult himself and offer them the serum. However, members of the cult decide to have Richie killed, assuming that he is a spy for Neville. Neville finds out what has happened to Richie and starts a war against the cult.

Lisa on the other hand, becomes sick with the plague and joins the cult. She gives up Neville’s location. Neville sustains a mortal wound from the cult’s attack and before he dies, he hands over a flask of his blood serum to the remaining survivors.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter starts in the year 1818, a time when a young Abraham Lincoln saves a young African American slave named William Johnson from his master. Lincoln’s act costs his father’s job at the plantation. That very night, the owner of the plantation, Jack Barts, comes to their house and assaults his mother. As a consequence, her mother becomes sick and dies not long after. After his mother’s demise, Lincoln’s father, Thomas, tells him that he should not seek vengeance for his mother’s death.

After nine years, Lincoln goes after Jack Barts and discovers that the man is a vampire. Barts attacks him and is about to kill him when a man named Henry Sturges saves him. Lincoln ends up in Henry’s abode where the man tells him everything about vampires. Henry also offers to train Lincoln and make him a vampire hunter.

In the succeeding years, Lincoln trains under Sturges’ tutelage. Eventually, he ends up in Springfield, Illinois where he becomes acquainted with the shopkeeper Joshua Speed. Lincoln starts working in the shop during the day while he pursues vampires at night time. Lincoln also encounters the love of his life, Mary.

It is not long after Lincoln encounters Barts again. He defeats the vampires but is astounded to learn that the vampire possesses knowledge about Mary. Barts also confesses that Sturges is also vampire just like him. Lincoln goes to Sturges to confirms this and the man tells him about how he and his wife are bitten by a vampire named Adam, the one where all the vampires have descended from. Sturges’ wife died and Sturges ended up training vampire hunters.

Because of the things he has learned, Lincoln walks out on his mission. However, Johnson is kidnapped by Adam and the vampire uses him to catch Lincoln’s attention. Adam tries to persuade Lincoln to join his crusade in transforming United States into a nation ruled by vampires. Fortunately, their friend Speed come to their rescue.

After a few months, Lincoln weds Mary and commences his political journey, starting with the abolition of slavery in the country despite Sturges’ protests. Lincoln gets elected as President of the United States of American and he starts living with his family in the White House. Adam’s sister, Vadoma, infiltrates the White House and bites Lincoln’s son, William. William dies and Sturges comes to Lincoln, offering to revive his son through vampirism. Mary agrees to Sturges’ suggestion but Lincoln does not.

During the American Civil War, Confederate President Jefferson Davis seeks the help of Adam and his vampires in manning the front lines. Lincoln then commands that all silver used in producing silver bullets. Speed, lacking faith on Lincoln’s strategy, gives up the president’s plan to Adam.

While Lincoln, Johnson, and Speed are aboard the train carrying the silver ammunition, the vampire’s men attack the train. Sturges confronts Adam. However, it is later revealed that the silver is not in the train. Speed’s betrayal is just a plan to lure out Adam. Before the bridge can collapse, Johnson and his friends jump off from the train but Adam manages to yank them back towards the beams. Lincoln and Adam fight each other with Lincoln finally ending the vampire’s life. Meanwhile, Mary and some former slaves safely transports the silver ammunition using the Underground Railroad. Mary also gets her revenge for her son’s death when she spots and shoots Vadoma. The final bout in the war commences as Lincoln’s army, now equipped with silver weapons and bullets, make their way towards the Confederate vampires.

A couple of years pass and Sturges comes to visit Lincoln. He offers Lincoln the eternal life but Lincoln firmly refuses. The movie ends with Sturges living in the current century and meeting a man who he may think as the next vampire hunter.

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows starts when the Collins family establish their port business in Maine and begin a new life there. Years later, Barnabas Collins dismisses the love of their maid Angelique Brouchard because of another woman, Josette du Pres. Angelique resorts to sorcery to take revenge on Barnabas which causes his parents’ death as well as Josette’s. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, Barnabas tries to kill himself but fails to do so. It turns that he has been cursed to become a vampire. Angelique attempts to win his affection but Barnabas still can’t afford to love her. Because of this, Angelique sets Barnabas up, causing people to hunt him down and bury him alive in a coffin.

Almost 200 years later, in the year 1972, Maggie Evans, seeks a job as the Collins’ governess using the name Victoria Winters. She encounters Elizabeth Collins and her nephew David, who claims that his dead mother is still lingering in this world. Victoria also meets the other members of the family including David’s psychiatrist, Julia Hoffman, his father Roger, and Carolyn, Elizabeth’s daughter. On her first night in Collins’ residence, Josette’s ghost appears before her and warns her about the return of a certain person.

Meanwhile, some construction workers accidentally dig up Barnabas’ coffin and sets him free. Barnabas then proceeds to his former home and introduces himself to the Collins as a distant relative.

With Barnabas’ help, Elizabeth gains access to the family’s hidden treasure inside the house. Meanwhile, Hoffman hypnotizes the vampire and unveils his true nature.

Barnabas falls for Victoria because she looks a lot like Josette. He also encounters Angelique again who warns him about meddling with her business. Barnabas then decides to resurrect their family’s cannery business and even usurps some of Angelique’s employees to work for him. Angelique tries to strike a deal with Barnabas but to no avail.

Barnabas plans an event where he can reintroduce the Collins family to the people of Maine. During the party, he learns from Victoria that she is really an escapee from an asylum. Angelique also arrives and gets hurt when she sees Barnabas and Victoria kissing. On the other hand, Barnabas discovers that Hoffman is using his blood to achieve eternal life. He ends up killing the psychiatrist and disposing her body on the bay.

Later on, Barnabas catches Roger as he tries to unlock the secret room. Barnabas makes him choose between money and David but Roger chooses to have lots of money. In the middle of the ballroom, a disco ball falls and Barnabas saves David with his vampire powers. Victoria realizes what Barnabas truly is and she leaves the house right away.

After being dumped again, Angelique encages Barnabas in coffin again and leaves him a mausoleum. Fortunately, David comes to his rescue. However, Angelique puts the blame on Hoffman’s death on Barnabas and the townspeople start going after him and his family.

In the mansion, Angelique and Barnabas engage in a battle. Carolyn joins in, transforming into a werewolf while David’s mother proves to be still existing when she manages to throw off Angelique. At the end, Angelique dies with Barnabas still refusing her love.

From David’s mother’s ghost, Barnabas learns that Victoria is off to kill herself. Barnabas is not able to prevent her from jumping off the cliff but he retrieves her body and transforms her into a vampire. Victoria, now Josette, wakes up and reconciles with Barnabas. The rest of the Collins meanwhile are determined on starting a new life.

The movie ends with Hoffman coming back to life while lying at the bottom of the sea.

Let Me In

Let Me In starts in the year 1983 during the interrogation of a disfigure man confined to a hospital in a Los Alamos, New Mexico. A detective is in the middle of questioning him when a phone call informs him that the daughter of the bedridden man has come. While the detective is still talking on the phone, the man from the bed leaps off from the window.

The next scene takes a couple of weeks before the man’s hospitalization. The twelve-year old Owen notices the new neighbor Abby and an old man named Thomas moving in their new home. Owen befriends Abby and they start exchanging messages through the walls of their apartments. Owen also voices out his problems in schools to Abby.

One night, Abby assaults and drinks the blood of a man when Thomas accidentally wastes the blood he has previously collected. It is not long after Thomas gest involved in a car accident. To avoid people from identifying him, he pours acid on his face.

Abby learns about Thomas’ accident and visits him in the hospital. She climbs the walls of the building and goes to the old man’s room. Thomas offers his blood and jumps off the building after Abby has taken his blood. Abby then goes to Owen and persuades him to let her in inside their home. The next day, Owen and his classmates discover Thomas’ things and the body of the man he previously killed.

When Owen tries to do a blood with Abby, Abby immediately sucks off the blood from his finger when he cuts it. Owen realizes Abby’s true nature while Abby runs away to prevent herself from hurting Owen any further. Later, after attacking another victim, Abby confesses to Owen her true nature and Thomas’ role as her guardian.

Meanwhile, Abby’s victim the night before turns into a vampire while still in the hospital. However, she kills a nurse and burns to death as soon as the sunlight penetrates the windows of her room.

One day, the detective finally finds his way to Abby’s apartment. Owen comes in confuses the detective which causes Abby to wake up. Abby kills the detective and informs Owen that she must leave town.

Afterwards, Owen’s classmates try to drown him in the school pool. While he struggles underwater, something starts attacking his assailants. Owen emerges from the water and sees the scattered remains of his classmates. He smiles as he realizes that Abby has come to help him.

The movie ends with Owen onboard a train sitting beside a large trunk where he hears a Morse message from the inside.