Near Dark

Near Dark starts with the transformation of a man named Caleb Colton into a vampire when a girl named Mae bites him on the neck. The next morning, Caleb’s body begins to burn as soon as the sunlight hits it. Mae then comes with a group of vampires and saves the burning Caleb. They take him to their coven where the vampire Severen decides that Caleb must die. However, Mae confesses that he is already one of them.

The group’s leader, Jesse Hooker, decides to give Caleb a chance though he is highly doubtful about the man. During his stay, Caleb refuses to kill people for blood so he relies on Mae for his nourishment. Not long afterwards, Jesse proves himself when he saves the others from an encounter with the police.

As Caleb start blending in with the other vampires, his father initiates an investigation of the vampire coven. He chances upon Caleb and another vampire who wants to turn Caleb’s sister into a vampire. The vampire takes Sarah hostage while her father tries to shoot the vampire. The vampire proves to be unaffected by the bullet and he tries to snatch the gun away from Caleb and Sarah’s father. During the struggle, Sarah manages to let the sunlight in and ward off the vampires. Caleb and his family flees the scene. He convinces them to do a blood transfusion with hopes returning him to his normal self. The next night Mae and the other vampires come and kidnaps Sarah.

Caleb learns that his sister has been kidnapped and he starts pursuing the vampires. He encounters Severen and kills him. Because of this, the other vampires run after Caleb but the sunrise catches up to them and they have no choice but to seek shelter.

Meanwhile, Mae saves Sarah but she starts to burn as she brings the girl to his brother. The other vampires on the other hand dies under the sun. The movie ends up with Mae waking up as a normal person again after a successful blood transfusion.