Fright Night

Fright Night features the avid horror film and the TV series Fright Night fan, Charley Brewster. Charley learns that his neighbor Jerry Dandridge is a vampire. He tries to tell his mother and the police about him but they do not believe him. During the night, Jerry warns him and tells him to stop making troubles. However, Charley tries to fights him off with a crucifix. Jerry forcefully disregards the cross and tries to throw Charley out of the window. Charley saves himself by piercing the vampire’s hand with a pencil. Jerry gets mad and warns Charley about the things that he will do to him in the future.

Because of the incident, Charley seeks the help of Fright Night’s host and former vampire hunter, Peter Vincent. Peter Vincent thinks that Charley is insane, the same thought that Charley’s girlfriend, Amy Peterson, has for him. To prove that Jerry is not a vampire, Peter makes the man drink fake holy water. However, Peter realizes Jerry’s true nature when he accidentally sees that the man has no reflection. Peter drops the mirror he’s holding and immediately leaves the scene. Jerry also realizes that Peter has discovered his true identity when he sees the broken pieces of the mirror.

Jerry turns his attention to Charley’s friend, “Evil” Ed Thompson and transforms him into a vampire. Ed then attacks Vincent. Meanwhile, Charley and Amy tries to run away from Jerry. Jerry kidnaps Amy while Charley seeks Peter’s help. The two men rush to Jerry’s house but before they can beat the vampire, Jerry’s protector, a man named Billy Cole, comes to the vampire’s rescue and knock Charley out. Peter then seeks refuge in Charley’s house where Ed is already waiting for him. Peter manages to put a stake through Ed’s heart. Charley learns that his girlfriend has been turned into a vampire while Peter assures him that it can still be reversed as long as they are able to kill Jerry before the sun rises.

As they hunt Jerry, the two men are ambushed by Billy. Peter continuously shoots him but Billy seems to be invincible to bullets. Fortunately, Charley defeats him by staking him. Jerry comes out and another struggle among the men ensues. Before the sun rises, Jerry transforms into a bat and retreats to his coffin. Peter then pries open the coffin and attempts puts a stake through the vampire’s heart as Charley fends off the now vampire Amy. Peter and Charley break the stained glass in Jerry’s house letting in the sunlight. The vampire’s body burns and Amy becomes human again. The movie ends with Peter, Charley and Amy returning to their normal lives while Ed silently lurks inside Jerry’s old home.