The Lost Boys


The Lost Boys starts when Michael Emerson, together with his younger brother, Sam, and their mother, Lucy, go to Santa Carla, California to live with their grandfather.

As soon as they get into town, the brothers start spending most of their time in a place called the Boardwalk. Meanwhile, their mother begins working for the local video stored owned by a man who calls himself Max. While hanging out on the Boardwalk, a girl named Star catches Michael’s attention. Sam, on the other hand, becomes friends with Edgar and Alan Frog who consider themselves as vampire hunters.

When Michael tries to befriend Star, her boyfriend David butts in and instead leads Michael down the beach where Michael almost falls off from a cliff. Afterwards, David invites Michael to join his group and they head to the group’s hideout beneath the cliff. David offers Michael a glass of wine which Star dissuades him from drinking, claiming that the glass contains blood. However, Michael still drinks the liquid and before the night ends, he falls off a valley near the train tracks.

Michael wakes up thirsting for blood. When he attempts to satiate his thirst with the blood of Sam’s dog, the dog fights him off and bites him in the hand. After the event, Sam sees that Michael does not have any reflection on the mirror. Realizing that his brother has become a vampire, Sam runs away from his brother. His brother tries to make him understand what has happened to him but Sam pays him no heed. Left with no choice, Michael goes to his own room and starts exploring his new abilities. It also dawns on him that he is slowly becoming a vampire. Meanwhile, Sam learns that Michael’s transformation is still incomplete since he has not killed anybody yet. Sam then seeks his friends’ help in trying to find out the vampires’ leader. They are all convinced that the store owner Max is the vampire leader but they realize that it is not true.

When Michael meets David again, the latter tries to persuade him to kill people for blood. However, Michael is appalled by the sight of people getting killed so he ends up running back to their home. There, Star comes to him and confesses that she’s just like him and she searches for something that can cure their condition. Together with Sam and his friends, Michael sneaks into David and his gang’s lair. They manage to kill a vampire with a stake but the commotion wakes David and the other vampire. The group barely escape, tagging along with them Star and another half-vampire, Laddie.

In their house, Michael and Sam, prepare together with their friends for the vampires’ attack. As the vampires rush in their house, they are able to finish some of their enemies using a variety of tools like holy water and garlic. Michael beats David and kills him but to their disappointment, he, Star, and Laddie do no return to their normal selves. Then, Lucy comes home with Max and it is revealed that he is really the head of the vampire cove. They also learn that he intends to make Lucy his bride and the mother of his descendants. Just as Max is about to turn Lucy, Michael and Sam’s breaks through the wall using his jeep. The vehicles hits Max and he gets impaled with one of the posts. At that point, Michael, Star, and Laddie become humans again.

The movie ends with the old man getting a drink from the refrigerator and making casual comments on how he hates the vampires in Santa Carla.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Bram Stoker’s Dracula is set in 1462, a time when Vlad Dracula of the Order of the Dragon finds out about his wife’s suicide upon his return home. Since death caused by suicide is condemned by the church, Dracula relinquishes his bond to the church and God. He also vows to come back to avenge his wife’s death. As destroy things inside the chapel, he manages to damage one of the stones and blood starts pouring out. Without thinking, Dracula drinks the flowing blood.

A few hundred years pass and the solicitor Jonathan Harker comes into the scene. He is on his way to Transylvania to meet his new client, Count Dracula. Upon their meeting, Dracula catches a glimpse of the photo of Jonathan’s fiancée, Mina and mistakes her for his wife, Elisabeta. He then abandons Jonathan and leaves him in the hands of his brides.

Dracula leaves for London and takes Lucy Western, a friend of Mina, as his victim. Lucy becomes ill after her encounter with the count which forces her fiancé, Arthur Holmwood to seek the help of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. The doctor realizes that Lucy has fallen victim to a vampire. Meanwhile, Mina receives news about Jonathan’s fate and she immediately reconciles with him in Romania. Upon learning this, Dracula decides to make vampire of Lucy. The event coerces Van Helsing, Arthur, and other comrades to end Lucy’s suffering by killing her.

When Jonathan and Mina come back to London, they start hunting the count with Van Helsing and their friends. One day, Dracula pays Mina a visit and reveals what he has done to Lucy. Mina also confesses that she remembers her life as Elisabeta and pushes Dracula to turn her into a vampire. As the men burst in the room, Dracula manages to escape. Mina undergoes transformation while Van Helsing pries out the truth from her. They learn the truth about her and where Dracula is heading. Van Helsing and the others try to surprise the count but Dracula learns about their plan through Mina’s mind.

The group split up during their hunt for Dracula. Dracula’s brides ambush Van Helsing and Mina. Mine becomes enchanted and she also tries to put Van Helsing in trance. However, Van Helsing struggles and makes ring of fire to protect himself and Mina from the brides. Come morning, Van Helsing sneaks in the vampire’s castle and kills all the brides. Before the day ends, Dracula’s carriage arrives. The hunters try to get to the coffin while the gypsies manning the carriage fights them off. As soon as the sun goes down, Dracula rises. As soon as he comes out, the hunters manage to slit his throat and pierce his heart. Before the vampire gets attacked again, Mina comes to his rescue and escapes with him.

Inside the chapel, where the count once declared his own war against God, the vampire begs Mina to end his life. The movie ends with Mina piercing Dracula’s heart with a knife and her body becoming human again.

Near Dark

Near Dark starts with the transformation of a man named Caleb Colton into a vampire when a girl named Mae bites him on the neck. The next morning, Caleb’s body begins to burn as soon as the sunlight hits it. Mae then comes with a group of vampires and saves the burning Caleb. They take him to their coven where the vampire Severen decides that Caleb must die. However, Mae confesses that he is already one of them.

The group’s leader, Jesse Hooker, decides to give Caleb a chance though he is highly doubtful about the man. During his stay, Caleb refuses to kill people for blood so he relies on Mae for his nourishment. Not long afterwards, Jesse proves himself when he saves the others from an encounter with the police.

As Caleb start blending in with the other vampires, his father initiates an investigation of the vampire coven. He chances upon Caleb and another vampire who wants to turn Caleb’s sister into a vampire. The vampire takes Sarah hostage while her father tries to shoot the vampire. The vampire proves to be unaffected by the bullet and he tries to snatch the gun away from Caleb and Sarah’s father. During the struggle, Sarah manages to let the sunlight in and ward off the vampires. Caleb and his family flees the scene. He convinces them to do a blood transfusion with hopes returning him to his normal self. The next night Mae and the other vampires come and kidnaps Sarah.

Caleb learns that his sister has been kidnapped and he starts pursuing the vampires. He encounters Severen and kills him. Because of this, the other vampires run after Caleb but the sunrise catches up to them and they have no choice but to seek shelter.

Meanwhile, Mae saves Sarah but she starts to burn as she brings the girl to his brother. The other vampires on the other hand dies under the sun. The movie ends up with Mae waking up as a normal person again after a successful blood transfusion.

Fright Night

Fright Night features the avid horror film and the TV series Fright Night fan, Charley Brewster. Charley learns that his neighbor Jerry Dandridge is a vampire. He tries to tell his mother and the police about him but they do not believe him. During the night, Jerry warns him and tells him to stop making troubles. However, Charley tries to fights him off with a crucifix. Jerry forcefully disregards the cross and tries to throw Charley out of the window. Charley saves himself by piercing the vampire’s hand with a pencil. Jerry gets mad and warns Charley about the things that he will do to him in the future.

Because of the incident, Charley seeks the help of Fright Night’s host and former vampire hunter, Peter Vincent. Peter Vincent thinks that Charley is insane, the same thought that Charley’s girlfriend, Amy Peterson, has for him. To prove that Jerry is not a vampire, Peter makes the man drink fake holy water. However, Peter realizes Jerry’s true nature when he accidentally sees that the man has no reflection. Peter drops the mirror he’s holding and immediately leaves the scene. Jerry also realizes that Peter has discovered his true identity when he sees the broken pieces of the mirror.

Jerry turns his attention to Charley’s friend, “Evil” Ed Thompson and transforms him into a vampire. Ed then attacks Vincent. Meanwhile, Charley and Amy tries to run away from Jerry. Jerry kidnaps Amy while Charley seeks Peter’s help. The two men rush to Jerry’s house but before they can beat the vampire, Jerry’s protector, a man named Billy Cole, comes to the vampire’s rescue and knock Charley out. Peter then seeks refuge in Charley’s house where Ed is already waiting for him. Peter manages to put a stake through Ed’s heart. Charley learns that his girlfriend has been turned into a vampire while Peter assures him that it can still be reversed as long as they are able to kill Jerry before the sun rises.

As they hunt Jerry, the two men are ambushed by Billy. Peter continuously shoots him but Billy seems to be invincible to bullets. Fortunately, Charley defeats him by staking him. Jerry comes out and another struggle among the men ensues. Before the sun rises, Jerry transforms into a bat and retreats to his coffin. Peter then pries open the coffin and attempts puts a stake through the vampire’s heart as Charley fends off the now vampire Amy. Peter and Charley break the stained glass in Jerry’s house letting in the sunlight. The vampire’s body burns and Amy becomes human again. The movie ends with Peter, Charley and Amy returning to their normal lives while Ed silently lurks inside Jerry’s old home.

The Hunger

The Hunger starts with the vampire Miriam Blaylock and his vampire lover John attending an event in Bauhaus. There, they meet a young couple whom they lure to their home before killing them and drinking their blood.

A few hundred years after he becomes a vampire, John starts aging rapidly. He learns that Miriam has hidden from him the fact that blood can grant him eternal but is not able to preserve his youthfulness. John then goes to Dr. Sarah Roberts for help. Roberts does not think that there is really nothing wrong with John. When John hears about what the doctor has to say, he leaves her office in a fit of rage. Sarah observes the changes that is happening to John’s body and these change her mind about the matter. Meanwhile, Roberts’ boyfriend, Tom, expresses his disapproval with Sarah’s intent of helping John.

Sarah seeks John but finds Miriam in their house instead. Miriam feels a certain attraction for Sarah and she seduces her. Miriam gives Sarah some of her blood and tries to convince her to become a vampire. However, Sarah abhors the fact that vampires must drink the blood of humans in order to live.

When Sarah comes back, her boyfriend tries to confront her about the long hours that she’s been gone. However, Sarah makes no effort to defend herself. Sensing that there’s something wrong with Sarah, Tom orders a lab test on Sarah’s blood. The results show that Sarah is suffering from some kind of infection. When she learns about this, Sarah goes back to Miriam and asks her about her condition. Miriam on the other hand, persuades Sarah to let the matter pass and take her rest in the guest room.

Tom comes to Miriam’s home and demands to be taken to Sarah. As Tom accompanies her, Sarah gives in to her blood thirst and kills her boyfriend. She goes to Miriam who reassures her that everything will be alright. The two women kiss and Sarah suddenly pierces her own throat and tries to force Miriam to drink her blood thinking that the infection in her blood will work on Miriam. Miriam places Sarah’s body among the bodies of her former lovers. Yet, it is not long after before the bodies start coming back to life and converge on Miriam. Miriam retreats to the balcony where she eventually falls over the edge. Miriam’s body starts aging as the mummies crumble to dust.

The movie ends with Sarah starting a new life in her new home in London while in another room, Miriam screams for Sarah as she lies trapped inside a coffin.

The Keep

The Keep starts in an empty citadel with nickel-laden walls holding an entity called Radu Molasar. Molasar. When the German Army headed by Capt. Klaus Woermann takes over the place, the soldiers accidentally release the being when they pick off a coin from one of the walls. As days pass by, Molasar starts killing off the soldiers one by one. The toll in the death of the soldiers leads to the arrival of an Einsatzkommandos detachment group commanded by SD Sturmbannfuhrer Eric Kaempfer to address the issue, punishing a number of villagers along the way.

Persuaded by a local priest, the German soldiers seek the help of the Jewish historian, Prof. Theodore Cuza. The professor examines the writings on the walls of the citadel and decodes the message encrypted on it. Meanwhile, when the professor’s daughter is assaulted by some members of the detachment group, Molasar comes to her aid. Molasar also heals the professor’s skin disease. The professor realizes that he now owes something to the entity while Molasar slowly forms a body. Then out of the blue, s stranger named Glaeken comes and faces off with Molasar. Molasar loses his strength and returns within the walls of the citadel while Glaeken takes a permanent place on the spot desecrated previously by the German soldiers.

Shadow of the Vampire

Shadow of the Vampire is set in the year 1921, a time when the German director E.W. Murnau along with cast and film crew, head to Czechoslovakia for their shooting of Nosferatu. Amidst all the preparation, the crew and rest of the cast have no clear idea who will be playing the part of the vampire Count Orlok. According to Gustave von Wangenheim, one of the main actors, Count Orlok will be portrayed by a character actor named Max Schreck.

After shooting some scenes, the team proceed to an inn to shoot more scenes. The landlady of the inn becomes disturbed when the director starts detaching the crucifixes from the walls. At the same time, strange things start happening with some of the crew and inside the inn.

When the film crew star shooting at an old Slovak castle, they have the opportunity to see the actor Schreck for the first time. They are fascinated with the man though they also have some doubts. After the shoot, they find one of the crew lying unconscious in a dark tunnel beneath the castle. The team bring back the man to the inn and when the landlady sees him, the word Nosferatu escapes from her mouth as she holds dearly onto a rosary.

A dinner scene causes an accident that cuts Gustav’s finger. At the sight of blood, Schreck immediately sucks the blood from the cut on Gustav’s finger. The power goes out momentarily and when the lights turn on again, Schreck is already sucking the blood from one of the film crew. The rest of them immediately leave the premises of the castle while Schreck remains inside.

Unbeknownst to the crew, Schreck is a vampire who has come into agreement with Murnau. In exchange for Greta, Schreck will act as a real vampire, just like what Murnau wants. Meanwhile, some of the crew try to interview Schreck. His unusual behavior makes them think that he is greatly immersed in his character.

As the filming comes to a conclusion, Murnau unveils Schreck’s true identity to his crew. The crew realize the danger they are in and they proceed with filming their last scenes. Greta freaks out when she sees that Schreck has no reflection in the mirror. To subdue her, Murnau and his crew sedates her and gives her to Schreck. Schreck starts feeding on Greta but he is also affected by the drugs in her blood. As the vampire lies unconscious, the film crew tries to kill him by opening the door to let the sunlight in. However, they fail as Schreck has already anticipated this move. Schreck then murders the film crew while Murnau struggles on catching everything that is happening on camera. The movie ends with the rest of the crew arriving and opening the door while Murnau keeps on shooting until the moment that Schreck burns completely because of the sunlight.

From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn starts after the brothers, Seth and Richard “Richie” Gecko, retrieve a map from a liquor store after they have robbed a bank. They encounter the Texas Ranger Earl McGraw who tries to prevent them from escaping. The brothers exchange shots with him and manage to kill the ranger in the process. The brothers get away but not without Richie suffering from a gunshot wound in the hand. They proceed with their plans and make their way to Mexico to start a new life.

In the motel where the brothers are staying, a pastor named Jacob Fuller checks in with his daughter and her adopted son. The brothers take Jacobs’s family as hostage and force him to drive them to the Mexican border. They manage to pass the border’s security and they head toward a club where the brothers are to meet their contact.

Inside the club, the group stay to watch a performance by an entertainer named Santanico Pandemomium. An altercation with some people leads to a stabbing on Richie’s already wounded hand. When the blood starts pouring out, Santanico changes into a vampire and starts sucking all the blood from Richie.

It turns out that the rest of the employees of the bar are all vampires. Seth and his group, fight off the vampires along with other customers, Frost and Sex Machine, inside the bar. Armed with wooden stakes and crosses, the remaining humans try to concoct a plan on how they can beat the vampires.

Later on, they discovered that Sex Machine has already been turned. Sex Machine kills Frost and Jacob before Seth and the rest of the group get rid of him. With some of his friends gone, Seth and Jacob’s family prepare themselves for another battle with the vampires. They have no choice but to kill those that are bitten and turned into vampires, including Jacob.

As the suns begins to rise, only Seth and Jacob’s daughter, Kate, are left. Using up their remaining bullets, they shoot holes on the walls of the bar to let the sunlight in. The vampires start burning and they completely perish when Seth’s contact, Carlos, arrives with some people and blows the door from the outside letting more sunlight penetrate the place. Seth haggles with Carlos regarding his fee though the latter has not an inkling of idea about what has happened. Though Kate wants to stay with Seth during his journey, the two part ways.

The movie ends revealing that the spot where the bar has stood is part of an ancient Aztec temple filled with things of the people who has fallen victim in the place.


Blade starts when a creature assaults a pregnant woman and causes her to labor. The woman is taken into the hospital where she is operated on to give birth to her baby. Unfortunately, the woman dies after she delivers her child.

Years pass and a new scene unfolds. In a club run by vampires, the vampire hunter Eric “Blade” Brooks comes just in time to save a man from being feasted on by vampires. Blade kills the vampires except for one whom he sets on fire before fleeing the scene. The burnt vampire, Quinn, survives and starts killing as soon as he wakes in the hospital. Blade arrives again and saves Karen who has been bitten by Quinn. Blade’s colleagues inject Karen with something that can prevent from transforming into a vampire. Karen learns from Blade and his group everything about vampires and that she must immediately leave town to avoid the vampires.

On the side of the vampires, the elders and a young vampire named Deacon Frost are arguing whether vampires should openly dominate humans or just manipulate them from the shadows. The elders believe that vampires should not be exposed to humans while Frost believes otherwise. Because his suggestions are disregarded, Frost murders the head vampire and hostages the remaining elders.

In Karen’s apartment, a familiar tries to attack her. Blade defeats him and pries out some information from him. Blade and Karen arrives in an archive and learn about a prophecy about La Magra or the Blood God. After some time, vampires come in to attack them. Fortunately, one of Blade’s colleagues, Whistler comes to their aid. After the altercation, Karen learns that Blade is a half-vampire and must always injects himself with a serum to suppress his blood thirst.

Blade’s condition prompts Karen to search for a cure. She succeeds in formulating a serum that reverse the transformation of turned vampires. However, the serum fails to cure Blade. Meanwhile, Frost tries to persuade Blade to join him. Blade declines and leaves. When he comes back to their headquarters, he finds out that Karen is missing, obviously taken hostage by vampires.

Blade comes after the vampires and shockingly encounters his mother in Frost’s place. Blade learns that Frost was the one who previously attack his mother and the one who caused him to be a half-vampire. Blade gets caught and he and Karen are brought to the Temple of Eternal Night. Blade’s blood is drained while Karen is placed in a pit. Karen manages to escape and rescue Blade by feeding him her blood. Meanwhile, Frost uses Blade’s blood and the elder’s souls to acquire their powers. Blade arrives and battles the newly empowered Frost. Blade kills him by injecting him with Karen’s serum.

The movie ends with Karen hinting that she should go and find a cure for Blade. However, Blade just advises her to work on her current serum.


Sleepwalkers features Charles Brady and his mother, Mary. Charles and his mother are Sleepwalkers or shapeshifters who lives by absorbing the lifeforce of virgin women. Normally, they appear as humans by they can also change into bipedal werecats when they want to. They also possess certain powers like telekinesis and making illusions. However, they are vulnerable to cats and their claws. The creatures are not fooled by illusions and they can easily injure sleepwalkers with their claws.

Charles and Mary start living in a small Indiana town where Charles continues his studies in the local high school there. In the school, Charles flirts with one of the students, Tanya Robertson, intending to make a victim out of her later on.

During their first date, Charles tries to absorb Tanya’s lifeforce but she struggles and escapes. As she flees from Charles, Tanya runs into Deputy Sheriff Andy Simpson. Charles kills the sheriff and resumes going after Tanya. However, it seems that the sheriff has brought along with him his cat which at that moment, attacks Charles and seriously injures him. Charles retreats and seeks the care of his mother. Mary on the other hand, cloaks themselves to avoid the authorities who are searching for them.

To help her dying son, Mary kills Tanya’s family and takes Tanya hostage. She brings her to their house so Charles can take her lifeforce. Charles attempts to absorb Tanya’s lifeforce again but she manages to kill him. Mary however, is killed by the group cats led by the sheriff’s pet. The film concludes with Mary burning to death and Tanya holding onto the sheriff’s cat.