Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Bram Stoker’s Dracula is set in 1462, a time when Vlad Dracula of the Order of the Dragon finds out about his wife’s suicide upon his return home. Since death caused by suicide is condemned by the church, Dracula relinquishes his bond to the church and God. He also vows to come back to avenge his wife’s death. As destroy things inside the chapel, he manages to damage one of the stones and blood starts pouring out. Without thinking, Dracula drinks the flowing blood.

A few hundred years pass and the solicitor Jonathan Harker comes into the scene. He is on his way to Transylvania to meet his new client, Count Dracula. Upon their meeting, Dracula catches a glimpse of the photo of Jonathan’s fiancée, Mina and mistakes her for his wife, Elisabeta. He then abandons Jonathan and leaves him in the hands of his brides.

Dracula leaves for London and takes Lucy Western, a friend of Mina, as his victim. Lucy becomes ill after her encounter with the count which forces her fiancé, Arthur Holmwood to seek the help of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. The doctor realizes that Lucy has fallen victim to a vampire. Meanwhile, Mina receives news about Jonathan’s fate and she immediately reconciles with him in Romania. Upon learning this, Dracula decides to make vampire of Lucy. The event coerces Van Helsing, Arthur, and other comrades to end Lucy’s suffering by killing her.

When Jonathan and Mina come back to London, they start hunting the count with Van Helsing and their friends. One day, Dracula pays Mina a visit and reveals what he has done to Lucy. Mina also confesses that she remembers her life as Elisabeta and pushes Dracula to turn her into a vampire. As the men burst in the room, Dracula manages to escape. Mina undergoes transformation while Van Helsing pries out the truth from her. They learn the truth about her and where Dracula is heading. Van Helsing and the others try to surprise the count but Dracula learns about their plan through Mina’s mind.

The group split up during their hunt for Dracula. Dracula’s brides ambush Van Helsing and Mina. Mine becomes enchanted and she also tries to put Van Helsing in trance. However, Van Helsing struggles and makes ring of fire to protect himself and Mina from the brides. Come morning, Van Helsing sneaks in the vampire’s castle and kills all the brides. Before the day ends, Dracula’s carriage arrives. The hunters try to get to the coffin while the gypsies manning the carriage fights them off. As soon as the sun goes down, Dracula rises. As soon as he comes out, the hunters manage to slit his throat and pierce his heart. Before the vampire gets attacked again, Mina comes to his rescue and escapes with him.

Inside the chapel, where the count once declared his own war against God, the vampire begs Mina to end his life. The movie ends with Mina piercing Dracula’s heart with a knife and her body becoming human again.